NO Estate Agent Fees

Estate agents are middlemen that just slow the process for buyers and will charge you additional fees. By selling direct, you can cut them out and save on the fees.

NO Solicitor Fee – We Pay It

We have also agreed low fixed fees with many local solicitors and if you use one of these then we will pay your solicitors fee – so that the price you agree is the price you will get. There will be no deductions for solicitor's fees.

We are Local – Burnley Area

Unlike most other companies we are based in your area, just off the M65 motorway and we will visit you to assess your house fully so that we can give you the maximum possible offer. Other companies just look at the market prices for the area and discount that by a percentage to offer you much less than your house is really worth.

We Make It Easy for You

Because we are local, we can help you directly with everything. We will discuss your timelines face to face and try to fit in with your requirements. We will also explain the process fully to you make it easy for you.

Quick House Sale Direct to Us

We are the ultimate end buyer. We and our group companies acquire properties, renovate them and rent them out. Unlike other companies we do not introduce buyers to you. We buy your house directly ourselves.

Great Cash Price for House

We give you a great cash price – normally better than other “fast sale” companies. We assess your house properly to make sure we can give you the maximum possible price.

Go to the GET CASH OFFER page and complete the form to get your free valuation now.